Mogadishu: 4 youths drown in Lido beach, 1 still missing

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The bodies of four young men have been found washed up in Mogadishu’s beach, with another reportedly missing since Thursday when they went swimming in Lido Beach.

Some of these young people were among the graduates of this year’s matriculation exams, graduating from high schools across the country.

The families of the youths have been patrolling Lido beach since the day of the incident, seeking to find the whereabouts of their children who are believed to have drowned due to rough seas.

Three of their bodies were found on Thursday, while another was washed up on the beach earlier today. The fifth person is still missing with no trace of their bodies.

The deceased youths, who were said to be friends and members of Yaqshid football club district, went to the beach on Thursday to pose for pictures on social media.

However, some later recommended swimming on the beach, which resulted in part of them being swept away by the hide tides.

The parents of the youngster have accused the government of not taking responsibility for the safety of hundreds of young Somalis who flock to swim in Lido everyday to cool off from the heat of the sun.

It estimated that at least 2 people drown every week in Lido Beach.

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