6 points proposed by the committee in charge of Gedo region

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble yesterday received a copy of the Gedo Regional Reconciliation Commission’s report on the region, which includes recommendations for a regional solution.

The Gedo Regional Election Resolution Committee, after monitoring the situation in the region, particularly in Garbaharey town and extensive consultations with the community, officials and politicians, recommends the following points to be implemented immediately:

1. That the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia issue’s a decree ordering all concerned, especially the Immigration, Civil Aviation Authority and the security agencies operating in the country’s airports, mainly those operating at Aden Adde International Airport and Kismayo airport that a citizen who has not been prosecuted cannot be barred from traveling throughout the country due to political reasons, and allowing the release of planes and citizens traveling between Mogadishu – Garbaharey, Kismayo – Garbaharey and Garbaharey – Kismayo.

2. That the Prime Minister issued a decree stating that, in accordance with the agreement of 27 May 2021, the various forces could not interfere in the politics and security of the country’s elections, except for the security agencies tasked with implementing the planed election security. The security of the Garbaharey elections will be provided in accordance with the Baidoa proposal and the agreement of 27 May 2021 of the National Consultative Assembly.

3- That the Jubaland Electoral Commission (SIEIT) submit a timetable for the arrival of Garbaharey and the start of the 16-seat elections. We also suggest the request of the Garbaharey community to start the elections in their district be given a consideration.

4. Government forces and AMISOM in the area to continue and strengthen the security in the district and to protect security of the election process from any terrorist threats or attacks.

5. The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia and the National Consultative Council to regularly discuss the security and political situation in the run-up to the regional elections to ensure the smooth running of the elections and the implementation of all agreements that facilitate stability and peace in Garbaharey.

6. Finally, we propose the implementation of urgent development projects in Garbaharey to contribute to the recovery of public confidence in the government. Preliminary projects include:

1) To improve the water supply of the city
2) Construction of football stadium
3) Establish a community business market
4) Improving City Roads
5) Establish a suitable airport.

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