Candidates union oppose election process, demand six points

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The Somali Council of Candidates has issued a statement condemning the conduct of the parliamentary elections, and warned of the consequences if the situation continues.

Read the press release below in English to our best understanding:

The Council of Candidates’ Union express serious concern over the frequent delays, lack of transparency and deliberate conduct of the elections.

The council has worked hard to prevent an extension in the country, and is still standing by to prevent rigged elections, which violate the country’s constitution, justice and electoral procedures.

The current situation in our country is not conducive to holding elections that are delayed due to irregularities or looting, because the delay of the elections or the looting of the elections will lead the country to a state of chaos and civil strife.

The council urged Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to lead the country in accordance with the constitution and to hold free, fair, and timely elections.

The Prime Minister must take into account the trust placed in him by the Somali people and political stakeholders, and take his responsibilities seriously.

The Union of Candidates proposed these Six Articles.

1. To have a unified election timetable with a clear date for the start and end of the election of the members of the House of the People.

2. That the elections be held in a transparent manner, that the traditional elders of the community be independent in the selection of delegates, that there be equal opportunities for all candidates, and that the polling stations be level.

3. The Heads of State had the power to nominate the seats in the Upper House. The Somali people and the international community have witnessed the rigging of the Upper House elections except in a few areas.

4. The Council of Presidential candidates shall consider the dire consequences of looting the election of seats in the House of the People. Our country is recovering from civil war, and looting results in civil war, so we must work together to prevent electoral theft of seats.

5. To have observers from civil society and the international community, to ensure the transparency of the elections.

6. The council shall not accept unscheduled elections in which a small number of seats are announced daily. It will also not accept a rigged election in which communities/clans are given seats by people they did not elect.


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