A convoy of Puntland President Said Deni hit by a powerful explosion

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More details are available from the casualties caused by an explosion in a convoy of Puntland President Said Deni this morning on the outskirts of Bossaso, the capital of Bari region.

The bomber struck in front of a convoy of government troops in the port city of Bosaso.

At least two soldiers were killed and four others were injured in the blast.

The troops escorting the president’s convoy also opened fire after the blast, but no casualties were reported.

Said Deni and his delegation left Armo district in Bari region for a road trip, having previously left the town of Qordho.

The purpose of his trip is related to the upcoming elections in Bossaso, the seat of the second state of Puntland.

Bossaso has been rocked by insecurity in recent days, with most of the explosions causing casualties.

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