A new report emerges on the recent arrest of Somalis in Zambia

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More than 100 Somali nationals, who have been in the custody of the Zambian police for 10 days, have been released following a concerted effort by community leaders, the Somali embassy in Zambia and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR.

“88 men and 15 women have regained their freedom. Thanks to those who took part, 9 menand 2 woman are still being held for documentation purposes and will be brought to court tomorrow” said a community member.

The purpose of the arrests was not against Somalis in particular, according to members of the community.

“Citizens from Congo, Zimbabwe and Malawia were also targeted, but Somalis fell into hands of the law due to avoiding any actions that could have escalated to situation,” said Abdikadir Mukhtar Ahmed, a Somali who was released.

Police arrested the Somalis and demanded large sums of money to release them, but the Somali Community Administration denied the extortion and took legal action.

The police targeting are still raging across Zambia, which is run by the new president’s administration, and there are fears of more arrests in the country.

Many Somali buisnesses have resided in Zambia, which is home to a large Somali population, and most have lived and worked in the country legally for almost 30 years.

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