October 6, 2022

Somali-born US citizen killed over 20 dollar taxi fare

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A Somali-born US citizen taxi driver was killed in the city of Indianapolis in the state of Indiana in the United States of America on Saturday, according to the city police department.

Indianapolis officers arrested a man named James Riley, 30, and Alysianna Martin, 29, who are believed to be behind the murder.

Shortly after 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, September 10, a motorist called 911, reporting a car near the intersection of 11th and New Jersey streets with its doors open.

When the police arrived, they found the body of Abduladir Filanwa in the driver’s seat, with the car running, according to the police report.

The health department announced that 55-year-old Abdulqadir Filwana died on the spot.

According to court documents, a camera attached to the cab recorded Riley and Martin getting into the car. Riley was then seen pulling out a pistol and pulling Abdulkadir aside, ordering him to take him to a certain place.

The police said that in the video, Riley can be heard asking Abdulkadir where the camera is attached to the car, then accusing him of not listening to his orders.

Riley can then be heard saying, “Do you think I’m playing? Do you want to die? Do you want to die?”

Also, while the car was running, it appeared that there was an argument about the $20 fare that Abdulkadir Filwana asked Riley to pay, but Riley refused to give it.

When the car stopped, Riley asked Abdulkadir to turn off the car’s ignition, then shot him. He then shot him two more times.

After being arrested by police, Riley and Martin contradicted each other and denied any involvement in the shooting.

However, Riley later admitted that he shot Abdulkadir Filwanwa, saying “I didn’t want to do that, it was a misunderstanding.”

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