Abiy Ahmed appoints three Somalis to positions in cabinet

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, has today appointed 61 new ministers to the Federal Government of Ethiopia.

Abi Ahmed’s appointment of state ministers is the largest cabinet in Ethiopian history and will include three Somalis:

1- Saharla Abdullahi, State Minister for Health
2- Dr. Sultan Wali, State Minister in the Ministry of Energy Development.
3- Hassan Mohamed Maalim, State Minister for Trade

Earlier this week, Ahmed Shide was appointed Minister of Finance and Adan Farah, named head of the headquarters of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPP).

Abiy Ahmed has given Somalis only one full minister, while his previous government had two ministers.

The Somali region is one of the largest in Ethiopia, and the Somali population is the third largest after Oromo and Amhara, but Somalis have in recent years far fewer parliamentarians and ministerial representation in the country.

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