Abiy Ahmed releases prominent politicians and journalists

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The Ethiopian government has released prominent journalist Eskinder Nega after more than 18 months in captivity.

Eskinder Nega was arrested in June 2020 following the assassination of musician Hachalu Hundessa, and was among those charged with inciting violence in the capital Addis Ababa and the country’s largest region of Oromia.

Jawar Mohamed and Baqale Gabra, both Oromo OFC chairpersons and deputies, were arrested in late June 2020 following the assassination of Fanan Haachalu Hundeesaa.

Jawar Mohamed was accused at the time of inciting social unrest and forcibly seizing the artist’s body for burial in his region.

He has been tried several times, although no charges have been filed against him and on several occasions the judge has demanded convincing evidence against him.

Sources say that Abiye Ahmed and Oromo politicians have gone to great lengths to resolve their grievances within the Oromo community and to release Oromo men who have been imprisoned.

Abiy said reconciliation and general amnesty were needed which paved the way for the release of Oromo politicians.

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