Ahlu Sunna forces withdraw from Guriel town

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Ahlu Sunna forces have withdrawn from the town of Guriel in Galgadud region where they have been fighting with government and Galmudug forces for the past four days.

According to our sources, Ahlu Sunna forces in their vehicles left the God-Wiil area on the north-east of the town of Guriel.

Ahlu Sunna forces have also left their bases in the northern part of the town, such as the University area, leaving behind two vehicles belonging to the government forces, which were captured during last month’s clashes in Bohol area.

According to reports, Ahlu-Sunna forces did not drive the two vehicles and left the scene unharmed.

Ahlu Sunna officials were quoted as saying that talks between businessman Hashi Arabey and Senator Abdi Qaybdiid broke out in Guriel.

We have also been in contact with government officials who have said that there have been no talks, but that there are some businessmen who have persuaded Ahlu Sunna fighters to leave the town.

The government forces are now reported to have entered the strongholds of Ahlu-Sunna forces in Guriel, where they expanded this morning.

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