October 6, 2022

Al-Shabaab denies killing of Ikraan Tahliil

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Al-Shabaab has denied any involvement in the killing of Ikraan Tahliil Farah, a NISA member, who the government said was responsible of killing her.

NISA said in a statement released to state media last night that “they conducted a follow-up and, after some time, received a report that Ikran was kidnapped by Al-Shabaab terrorists and then killed”.

However, al-Shabaab said in a statement released today that it had nothing to do with the kidnapping and killing of Ikraan.

“We do not know anything about the killing of Ikraan Tahliil, who works for NISA” Al-Shabaab statement read.

“We are targeting intelligence officials and other officials and (yes) we claim their deaths and we have no one to blame for them but we have nothing to do with her abduction and killing,” it said.

Al-Shabaab said the NISA situation was such that they were killing its staff, according to the statement. “If yesterday, believers were harassed and filling prisons, and some were openly killing them, today you can see that even those closest amongst them such as their employees are turned on, killed and their relatives mocked.”

“We urge the Somali people to protect your children from working for such authorities,” statement said.

Qaali Mohamud Guhaad, Ikran Tahlil’s mother, has previously said that al-Shabaab did not kill her daughter Ikraan Tahliil Farah, who has been missing since June 26th.

“It has nothing to do with them. It is a baseless lie. My girl was taken from a house near the NISA compound, and in a safe area. It must mean then Al-Shabaab is one of them, ”said Qaali.

“Al-Shabaab will talk about it and will deny it, as they have said before” concluded Qaali Mohamud Guhaad.

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