Al-Shabaab launches suicide attack in Mudug; casualties reported

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More details are emerging from the heavy fighting between government forces, Galmudug Darwiish and Al-Shabaab this morning in Wisil area in southern Mudug region.

The fighting, which lasted for several hours, came after Al-Shabaab militants launched a suicide attack in a car packed with explosives at Somali and Galmudug military bases in the area between Hobyo and Gaalkacyo.

Reports say that the attack, followed by a fierce battle between the two sides, resulted in various casualties including deaths and injuries.

Local media reports that Al-Shabaab have claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it had killed 34 soldiers from the 21st Division.

Sources also added that the militants had briefly taken control of the area with government officials saing they had repulsed the attack and returned Wisil under its command.

The situation is now very tense according to local sources, and conflicting movements are now being felt in areas of southern Mudug region in central Somalia by both groups.

In recent months, there has been activities in and around Galgadud and Mudug regions with the Somali Military capturing many districts after intensifying its battle against the militants group.

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