Al-Shabaab shells Biyo Adde military base

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Reports from Biyo Adde town in the middle Shabelle region say that Al shabab fighters fired mortar shells at a government military base in Biyo Adde district last night.

One of the shells hit a civilian house and injured three members of the same family according to local media sources.

“A man and his wife and a baby were injured and taken to Mogadishu as there are no hospitals that operate in Biyo Adde,” a resident told media.

The government and AMISOM forces in Biyo Adde district have reportedly responded with artillery shells.

Other reports from the Middle Shabelle region say that Al-Shabaab fighters have taken over areas previously held by the military after the government forces withdrew from those areas.

No details has been released by security officials regarding the shelling’s in Biyo Adde that reportedly took place last night. will keep you up-to-date in any new developments.

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