Ali Gudlawe makes a surprise decision on the list of candidates for the Upper House

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HirShabelle State President Ali Abdullahi Hussien “Ali Gudlawe” took an unexpected stance on the opening the Upper House election, promising that no candidate would be barred from appearing on the list of candidates.

State President Ali Gudlawe’s decision differs from all other state leaders who have previously tied the list of candidates to certain politicians, denying many eligible citizens.

Speaking at the opening of the HirShabelle Parliamentary Session, Ali Gudlawe said that any candidate who meets the criteria for candidacy has the right to run for the administration’s seats in the Upper House.

“I promise that I will add to this list any candidate who meets the criteria, and I will not say a friend I like will be on the list and neither a friend I hate will be excludes from the list,” he said.

“I hope that every citizen who comes forward with their candidacy and a will to work with us for the development of HirShabelle,  he or she will be a vulnerable senator.”

He also noted that the Upper House race will take place in a free and fair manner, urging HirShabelle MPs to be selective.

According to credible reports obtained by local sources, State President Ali Gudlawe put pressure on Villa Somalia after he refused to remove Muse Sudi from the list of candidates, instead forcing a open list, in a bid to allow challenge’s to Haji Muse.

The HirShabelle administration says will be the first administration to not directly interfere with candidates for the Upper House.

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