October 6, 2022

Another attack reported tonight in north of Mogadishu

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Heavy gunfire was heard again in the northern parts of Mogadishu tonight, as Al-Shabaab carried out heavy attacks in Kahda district and Dar es Salaam area on the outskirts of Mogadishu last night.

Various reports are emanating from the scene of tonight’s attack, and very little information is available yet.

People we spoke to told us that heavy weapons and explosions hit a government base near the Insurance Building between Dar es Salaam and Yaqshid district.

The situation in the area is tense tonight and people are flocking to their homes, as the attack came at a time when Al-Shabaab carried out a heavy attack on the residence of the deputy security commissioner of Hiliwaa district in Dar es Salaam last night.

Security in Mogadishu has deteriorated, The whole city was in an uproar last night as Al-Shabaab launched major attacks in Kahda and Dar es Salaam.

The group last night razed to the ground all the Kahda district police station buildings, and reportedly drove off with military vehicles parked at the station.

Somali police say two people have been killed and 16 others wounded in a series of attacks in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu last night.


Somali government announces casualties in last night’s attacks in Mogadishu

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