Another Somali killed in South Africa; Community in state of shock

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A Somali man has been shot dead in South Africa by gunmen, police say.

Liban Farah Kheyre was shot dead near his business premises in Queenstown, Eastern Cape.

According to reports, the assailants then fled the scene.

Liban Farah Kheyre

South African security forces arrived after the killing of the young Somali businessman and conducted a brief search to no avail.

The Somali community in South Africa have expressed deep concern over the killing and called on the government to address the ongoing targetted killings, injuries and looting of Somali businesses in the country.

Speaking to, Hussein Ali Mohamed, a local trader in the country said that the community feels ”isolated” and they feel security forces could do better and increase night patrols to protect the nighbourhood.

“It is very sad; we live in fear and not knowing when you will be attacked. The police are doing a good job but we feel that as a community, we’ve been left with no option but to now defend our lives and livelihood. We plead with the Somali embassy to put pressure to the South African administration and say ‘Somali lives do matter’ and must be protected” Hussien Ali Mohamed, a member of the business community said.

In recent years there has been an increase in attacks against Somalis, with a growing number of killings of traders of other nationalities also taking place in the country.

Mohamed Ismail Kiish, one of the most prominent elders of the Somali community in South Africa, was brutality killed two nights ago in South Africa.

Killings of Somali businessmen have become a regular occurrence in South Africa, and so far no one has taken the initiative to oppose the killings, whether from the sides of both the Somali and South African governments.

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