Are Farmaajo and Fahad Yassin delaying Prime Minister Roble’s plan?

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Outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and former NISA commander Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir have succeeded in preventing the new NISA Interim Director General Bashir Mohamed Jama “Bashir Goobe” from visiting NISA headquarters in Habar Khadijo.

The NISA base is held by Waran forces, led by an officer named Mohamed Hassan who is loyal to Prime Minister Roble, but outside and at intersections near the base are held by Duufan forces, who are loyal to the President.

Prime Minister Roble, who does not want a military clash in Mogadishu and then to be accused of initiating the attack, has thwarted plans to take his new appointed director Bashir Goobe to Habar Khadijo’s NISA headquarters.

Forces loyal to former NISA head Fahad Yasin, who was sacked by the Prime Minister, are station around the proximity of the agencies HQ. 

The hours-long talks between President Farmaajo and Prime Minister Roble ended last night, with no results, credible sources told

“Prime Minister Roble, who declined to be blamed for a military clash in Mogadishu and be accused of initiating an attack, wanted to give the talks a chance, but it is unclear what action he would take now” a source within the Prime Minister’s office told media.

“Prime Minister Roble is now facing a dilemma and has two challenging role to deal with and if Bashir Goobe, who he had appointed, does not go to NISA’s HQ, it’ll translate to a victory for the former NISA chief and President Farmaajo in undermining the Prime Minister, and if Mohamed Hussein Roble was to initiate force, it could result in more bloodshed, putting a huge blame and responsibility on the prime minister’s shoulder” the source from the office of the prime minister added.

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