Armed forces take over parts of Beledweyne (Photos)

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Reports from the town of Beledweyne in Hiran region say that armed militia have taken over the control of parts of the town tonight, with a state of tension being reported by residents in the district.

The forces that took over Beledweyne tonight from the 27th Division of the Somali Military are led by an officer named Abdullahi Barre Elmi who was recently dismissed from the 27th Division of the Somali National Army and another officer named Nur Dheere, member of HirShabeelle Darawish army.

Colonel Abdullahi Barre who first spoke to the media said that the reason they took over the town was a move to prevent Hirshabelle State President Ali Gudlawe from bringing military force to Beledweyne.

“The troops have taken control of every administrative center in Beledweyne. We are fed up with self-interested politicians in this region. We are asking the federal government to intervene in the crisis in Beledweyne. We have taken over everywhere, now. We are in the capital of Hiran region, and the crisis (of the state) is over tonight, ”said Colonel Abdullahi Barre, one of the officers leading the forces that took over Beledweyne.

Colonel Nur Dheere also said that they could not tolerate the crisis in the region and that they will take over the control of the region from now on.

“HirShabelle will no longer exist in this region of Hiraan. The noise of the people of Hiraan has disturbed them. From now on, HirShabelle will not rule here. We have taken control of this region,” said Colonel Nur Dheere of HirShabelle’s Darawish officials.

Tensions are high in Beledweyne tonight with HirShabelle Vice President Yusuf Dabageed and federal government officials led by Somali Interior Minister General Mukhtar also in Beledweyne.

It is feared that armed clashes will break out in Beledweyne, where the most powerful clans are opposed to the top leadership of the HirShabelle administration, and with scheduled plans that the president of the administration Ali Gudlaawe is expected to travel to Beledweyne tomorrow.

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