October 6, 2022

Attack on Jowhar tonight; latest update

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In Jowhar, the capital of Hir Shabelle region, mortar shells were heard tonight, with local sources stating that at least five mortar shells landed inside Horseed and Hanti-wadaag neighbourhoods, with sporadic gunfire heard in the town.

Although no casualties have been reported from the shelling in Jowhar, residents are fearful that Al-Shabaab are firing the mortars from the outskirts of the town.

A grenade attack in the Hanti-wadaag neighbourhood last night wounded three members of HirShabelle parliament, after the grenade was hurled at the house that they were staying at.

The attacks come as a preparation for elections are felt in Jowhar, as well as a recent statement from the election commission which had instructed the HirShabeelle State President Ali Guudlaawe to immediately submit the final list of candidates for the Upper House.

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