Attempts to reconcile Farmajo and Roble fails

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According to our sources, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble this afternoon dismissed some of his ministers who tried to start negotiations with former President Mohamed Farmajo.

Prime Minister Roble met with members of the cabinet who had previously met with Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to hear their views on how to resolve the dispute, and then ordered them to do their jobs and to not be preoccupied in outdated negotiations.

The information, obtained from members of the highest-ranking government officials, adds that the ministers who were rebuffed by Prime Minister Roble were led by Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled and were part of the delegates including Foreign Minister Abdisaid Muse and Minister of Education Abdullahi Arab.

Prime Minister Roble is also said to have asked the ministers why they did not comment on the actions that took place in his office, when Farmajo placed troops. 

The ministers told the prime minister that Farmajo had accepted a compromise between him and Roble, but the prime minister was adamant and told the members that a talk with Farmajo would not happen.

The presidents of Galmudug and HirShabelle, who arrived in Mogadishu this afternoon, are expected to launch another attempt in the coming hours to resolve the two men, with little hope of success.


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