Auditor General ‘closes’ offices in Ministry office

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The National Audit Office has today closed some offices in the Ministry of Religious Affairs, following a recent spate of corruption scandals involving the issuance of this year’s Hajj Visa.

According to our sources, the closed offices include; The Minister’s office, the Director General, the Hajj Department and the Office of Administration and Finance.

Members of the Audit Office have ordered that the offices not be reopened until further notice, and have posted a note saying, “No office can be opened without the Auditor General’s authorization.”

It is also reported that there is a rift within the ministry’s headquarters after the Minister of Religious Affairs, Sheikh Omar Ali Roble, ordered that the former director Omar Faruk be banned and can not enter the ministry.

The dispute between the ministry’s top officials is said to be related to this year’s Hajj management process and a UN-funded project called PCV.

A joint project by PCV and the UN on counter-terrorism is said to be the base of the dispute according to our sources, with reports that there is a huge budget for it’s implementation.

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