Banadir regional administration reacts strongly to the decision of the Ministry of Education

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Disputes between the Benadir regional administration and the Somali government’s ministry of education have escalated over the  management of educational institutions in the capital.

A statement from the regional administration was issued in response to the Ministry of Education’s statement yesterday that the Benadir regional administration must stop collecting fees from schools in Benadir region.

The Benadir Regional Administration said it administers education in the region, in accordance with an agreement reached between the Ministry of Education and the regional administration, signed on August 9, 2020 in the presence of the Attorney General, the caretaker Prime Minister,  Federal & State agencies and all other Education stakeholders.

The statement from Banadir region also said that the Ministry of Education has violated the country’s constitution and is directly interfering in the decentralization process.

“The Benadir Regional Administration is deeply saddened by the Federal Ministry of Education’s repeated encroachment on the country’s constitution, laws and regulations regarding education services between the Benadir Regional Administration, with constant interference from the Benadir Regional Education Authority, which goes against the decentralization process, the separation of powers at the federal and state levels as well as the federalisation system in the country,” the statement said.

The statement from the Benadir regional administration added, “The Federal Minister of Education has neither the right nor the law to annul or reject the decision to issue tariffs for education services issued by the Governor of Benadir Region and Mayor of Mogadishu empowering him to enact administrative regulations in accordance with Ir6 Act of 1980 as well as Ir 116 of 2013. ”

The statement from the Benadir Regional Administration said that the decision by the Ministry of Education is unfortunate and a setback for education in Benadir Region, and said that there are personal interests behind this.

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