Banadir Regional district deputy chief; “I escaped assassination attempt on my life by people I know”

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The Benadir regional administration has launched a new round of targeting among its officials, according to the Wadajir district administration’s deputy political affairs commissioner who was attacked today.

Issa Sharawe Abdi, who spoke to the media in the district, said the attack was carried out by members of the regional administration, which he said was an assassination attempt in which  he had survived.

“A strange thing happened to me today on my way to the district. Between the district and the road, a group of bandits cut me off with a Saruf vehicle in front of my vehicle and opened fire on me, killing and injuring bystanders,” said the Deputy Political Affairs Commissioner of Wadajir district.

“The people who attacked me are well-known people who we used to see each other in the administration. I don’t understand why it happened to me” he said.

He also said he did not expect the targeting to begin within the administration, and was surprised by the attack and said he did not know the reason.

“I did not think today that we could have a second enemy, but it is clear to me that the enemy has started within the government and partners are now targeting each other,” said Issa Sharawe.

He said some of the attackers were captured, identified and some were taken to Medina Hospital, while others were taken to Wadajir police station.

He called for an immediate investigation into the attack, saying it was “unfortunate” that some authorities did not want the government to function.

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