Banadir regional police: ‘We aware of weapons smuggled into Mogadishu’

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The Benadir Regional Police Command has said that they are tightening security in the capital and maintaining operations in the districts of Benadir region.

Banadir Regional Police Commander Colonel Said Ali Baryare said improved security in the capital is in the interest of the people of Mogadishu but if insecurity continues, it will be a problem for the people of Banadir.

He added that a month ago, a large number of weapons entered Mogadishu and they know to the people who brought them in, but he did not elaborate, and asked them to keep their weapons in their homes so as not to cause insecurity.

Lastly, the deputy police chief of Banadir region Said Ali Baryare called on the people living in Banadir region to work with the security forces in Mogadishu.

The news from Banadir Regional Police Command comes at a time when the police forces have been conducting security operations in some districts in Banadir region in recent nights.

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