Barawe: Armed militias attack local council elections

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Armed militia have today attacked a hotel called Nadir in Barawe, Lower Shabelle, where the Barawe local council elections were set to take place.

Reports say a shootout broke out between the militia and security guards at the hotel, who were guarding a local election’s that was taking place, resulting in casualties.

So far, one person has been killed and several others wounded in the clashes, as well as a security officer.

According to our sources, the attacking militia is affiliated with a clan militia who live nearby, which opposes the Barawe district council formation.

The shooting comes at a time when there are concerns in the city regarding the local council formation after some communities expressed disatisfaction in the process.

A local source who refused to be named said that there were rumours of an attempt being made to hand over control of the city to non-residential clan, which has angered some communities in the city.

Residents in Barawe district said that the security of the polling station was now taken over by AMISOM troops to prevent any further fighting.

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