Beledweyne police say they are investigating the blasts

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More reports are emerging of the suicide bombing that had taken place in Beledweyne, Hiraan last night which had killed prominent parliamentarian Amina Mohamed Abdi.

Reports say the toll has risen, with the death toll rising to 20 and the number of injured at 30.

The blasts also caused severe damage, destroying several buildings, including the city’s general hospital.

Acting Beledweyne Police Commander who spoke to reporters at the scene of the blasts said that they do not yet have accurate statistics and reveal the blast has left the people of Beledweyne in a state of shock.

“The explosion took place in front of the hospital and the death toll is still unknown,” said the acting commander of Beledweyne police station.

Among those killed in the blasts was lawmaker Amina Mohamed Abdi, who is widely remembered in the case of Ikraan Tahliil, members of the public, a parliamentary candidate and soldiers.

Photographs taken at the scene of the blast, particularly near Beledweyne Hospital, show the wreckage of buildings at the scene as well as vehicles at the scene.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attacks, which took place during an election in Beledweyne, HirShabelle’s second constituency.

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