Benadir Governor Omar Filish fires district commissioners

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The governor of Benadir region, Omar Mohamed Mohamed (Filish) has today fired four district commissioners, following a decree issued by his office.

The sacked commissioners are Hamarweyne district commissioner Abdikadir Mohamed Abdikadir, Karan district commissioner Abshir Karaan, Waberi district commissioner Abdiaziz Osman Jama and Hiliwa district commissioner Abdihakin Omar Abdulle.

The mayor of Mogadishu has also appointed Mire Salad Dhuhulow as the new district commissioner of Heliwaa district, while other district commissioners in Hamarweyne, Karaan and Waberi districts of Benadir region have been appointed.

Mohamed Ahmed Idow, the deputy district commissioner of Hamarweyne, will continue to serve as the district commissioner.

Jamal Ali Mohamed, the deputy district commissioner of Waberi, has also been appointed as the interim district commissioner.

The dismissal by Omar Filish had been expected with it’s rumours circulating in social networking sites past few days.

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