Blast kills over 60 Al-Shabab fighters in southern region

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More than 60 Al-Shabab militants including foreign fighters were killed in an explosion at a village about 65 kilometers west of Qoryooley in southern Somalia, the army said in a brief statement on Tuesday.

The Somali National Army (SNA) said that the al-Qaida allied terrorists died in the blast which took place at their compound in Ala-Futow village in the Lower Shabelle region after the bomb which was being assembled exploded.

“The explosion took place at the Al-Shabab compound after explosive materials which were being prepared by terrorists exploded on Monday,” SNA said. Al-Shabab’s bomb experts and foreign terrorists were among those killed.

SNA said its forces later conducted a special operation in Ala-Futow village in Kurtunwarey district, destroying a vehicle used by terrorists to detonate explosives intended to harm the Somali people.

The government forces have vowed to intensify security operations in the central and southern regions until the insurgents who have conducted terror attacks to kill and maim innocent residents will have been wiped out from the region.

The terror group has lost many areas previously under its control, but the militant group is still capable of staging attacks in Somalia.

The latest operations come as government forces have intensified operations against Shabab in the central and southern regions

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