UPDATED: Explosion in Mogadishu targets state media staff

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A powerful explosion has taken place this evening between the Jubba Interchange and the Unknown Monument (Dahsoon Daljir) as some residents confirmed to MTVSomali.com

The blast targeted a vehicle carrying the directors of the national television and Radio Mogadishu Sharmarke Mohamed Warsame and Abdiaziz Mohamud Guled Afrika, along with their driver.

The blast was carried out by a suicide bomber, according to Somali police.

According to early reports, the car in which the directors were traveling on was hit intentionally by a person wearing a suicide bomb jacket, who then detonated.

Reports coming in say that Abdiazziz Afrika has died of his injuries with Sharmake Mohamed Warsame reportedly seriously injured in the blast and is currently being treated at a medical facility.

Deputy Minister of Information Abdirahman Yusuf Al-Adala wrote in a Facebook post: “May God have mercy on my brother Abdi Aziz Mohamud Guled Afrika, he was a national hero. He was like my big brother and friend, “Al-Adala said in a statement.

Abdiazziz Afrika was one of the most popular journalists in the national media and has been figure head fighting al-Shabaab through journalism. He’d been previously wounded in a shootout with government forces, had went to Belgium for medical treatment and returned to Mogadishu.

Afrika hosted a program called Gungaar that had interviewed al-Shabaab members who defected to the government or were captured by the military, providing much detailed key information to the public.

The Deputy Minister of Information confirmed the death of the journalist.

Sporadic gunfire was heard near the youth ministry where the blast took place.

MTVSomali.com will keep you up-to-date on this breaking news from Mogadishu.

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