UPDATED: Suicide bomber strikes in Mogadishu

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More details are emerging from a recent explosion that caused casualties in Mogadishu, particularly at the Jubba Intersection.

The bomber struck shortly before sunset in a restaurant which is behind a police station and next to the national intelligence in the capital, Mogadishu. 

The explosion was very strong and was heard in many parts of the capital, followed by the sound of the bullets fired.

The death toll has risen to four, two of the dead being government soldiers and two civilians amongst the casualties, a security officer told MTVSomali.com. ”There are also a number of people injured in the blast, although the exact number of people is still unknown” the security official concluded.

Two Somali government soldiers were also wounded in the blast, reports added.

The Federal Government of Somalia has not yet released any information about the suicide bombing, and with reports that Al Shabab have claimed responsibility for the blast.

Security searches and vigilance in Mogadishu have been intense in recent days.

Since the federal government blocked the streets of Mogadishu with large rocks, al-Shabaab has shifted its tactics to individuals wearing suicide vests, which are difficult to prevent, and has since escalated into suicide bombings in the city.

Security analysts have accused the government of having no security plan other than cutting roads with large rocks.

Stay tuned to MTVSomali.com for updates.

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