Canadian Gov set to deport 157 Somalis

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The Canadian government is reportedly planning to deport Somali youths who have gone to the country in various ways.

The main issue facing the Somali youths is that they entered the country with a Kenyan passport, and Canadian government officials claim that they are Kenyans.

Maryan Ahmed Mohamud (Maryan Qoorweyne), a social worker and advocate for the youths, said the youths had entered the country in various ways, and some risked their lives to reach Canada.

“They say you are Kenyans and your nationality is wrong. “Some have worked hard to bring Somali passports and witnesses. The government still says that your previous IDs are being considered and you are not Somali, you are Kenyans, and we will deport you,” she said.

“There are young people who have never seen a plane and came to Canada by boat, and have seen the various stages of suffering. They came here and made a living and got a permit and everything was taken away. ”

She also said that some of the teens had contracted mental illness and were being deported by the Canadian government after being informed of the incident and were on the verge of suicide, she said.

Maryan concluded by saying that they are working hard to reverse Canada’s plan to deport these young Somalis who are accused of forging their citizenship.

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