Candidate Union Opposition backs National Consultative Assembly meeting

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The Council of Opposition Candidates has welcomed the convening of the National Consultative Assembly meeting in Mogadishu on the 27th of this month, announced by Prime Minister Roble.

Opposition candidates have praised the prime minister’s committment to resolve Somalia’s disputed elections.

“The council commends the efforts of the prime minister in correcting the election,” the statement said.

They also expressed hope that the challenges ahead in the country’s elections would be overcome.

“The council hopes to jointly overcome the obstacles to holding transparent elections in the country,” it added.

This statement was preceded by another statement issued today by the International Community, which also supported a meeting of members of the National Consultative Assembly.

The International Community have called on Somali leaders to find a lasting solution to the electoral crisis, so that it can be universally accepted.

This meeting is coming at the right moment with many complaints about the conduct of the Parliamentary elections.

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