Candidate Union issues official statement on election proposals

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The Council of Candidates Union has issued a set of proposals which it shared with the National Consultative Assembly today, after attending the Forum meeting.

The council further stressed the need to revise the electoral process, so that the outcome is acceptable, leading to stability in the country, while the electoral commissions are independent in their electoral activities.

They demanded the re-run of all disputed seats and the reversal of the decisions made by the Electoral Dispute Commission.

The Union of Candidates suggested that the traditional elders who will select the delegates to be from among the 135 traditional elders, and that the list of their names be published before the election.

They also suggested that traditional elders, with the help of clan and sub-clan leaders, be free to select delegates and support the role of state governments in facilitating and securing elections.

They added that the State and Federal Electoral Implementation Commission confirm that the delegates are selected by traditional elders.

“Delegates should be registered, their names should be published and they should be given at least three days to meet with the candidates. Delegates should also not be prevented from meeting candidates running for office. ”

Finally, they strongly stated that no individual should be barred from contesting for the seat of his community, and that political expediency should be eliminated, and that candidates should have equal access to the meeting and campaigning for the seat.

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