Candidates of Unions criticize PM Roble’s nomination committee to probe missing troops in Eritrea

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A statement from the Union of Candidates has welcomed Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble’s move to appoint a national commission to investigate the complaints of parents of young soldiers trained in Eritrea.

However, the Council of Union’s of Candidates criticized the members of the commission, saying they did not reflect a fact-finding commission, as there are ministers and government officials in the commission who are part of the accused and should be investigated themselves. 

“The Somali government must refrain from confusing and misleading the public unfairly in (there) engaging in national affairs such as the protest of the parents and the country’s elections,” the statement said.

“The council once again urges Mr. Roble to immediately appoint a new consensus committee that can gain the trust of the parents involved and the entire Somali community” the statement read.

Over the past week, Mogadishu has been rocked by protest from parents who claim that they have no idea the whereabouts of their children who they say the Somali Government took to Eritrea two years ago. Their concern had risen after the UN released a report saying Somali troops trained by Eritrea may have been involved in Ethiopia’s conflict in Tigray region. 

The Somali Minister of Information recently denied that the troops taken to Eritrea had fought in the Tigray region.


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