Candidates’ Union demands 4 points after Mogadishu conference (Press Release)

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The Union of Presidential Candidates has issued a statement as it concluded their three-day conference in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, with their discussion on the political situation in the country.

“A three-day meeting (August 14-16, 2021) concluded today in Mogadishu. The meetings was attended by candidates from the Union of Presidential Candidates. The meeting focused on the overall situation in the country, in particular the electoral process, ”the statement said.

The statement also said that the council has consulted with various sectors of the society. “The council has held meetings with the National Electoral Commission (FEIT), civil society organizations and the international community. The Council also held talks with Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble. The Council shares the expectation of the Somali people and the international community that these elections will be better than the 2012 and 2016 elections” it read.

The press release from the Candidates Union consisted of two pages with strong concern’s towards the start of the elections, with their note on committing to ensuring that free and fair elections are held in the country for a political stability.

“The council is concerned about how the country’s elections have started. It is important to ensure the country has free and fair elections” continued the statement from the presidential candidate’s.

The Union of Candidates demanded that the process of the lower house elections be transparent and inclusive and that the National Consultative Assembly be expanded, and with council proposing the following:

1. That the 135 traditional elders who are recognized as the traditional leaders of the Somali clans be the basis for the selection of the delegates who will elect the members of the lower house.

2. That the elections take place in a secure environment with the participation of the Federal Police, the State Government and AMISOM.

3. That the role of the state should be limited to facilitating and conducting elections.

4. Civil society, international organizations and members of the international community should observe the election process.

Finally, the statement from the Candidates’ Union concluded “In order to ensure this, the Council calls on Prime Minister Roble to expand the meeting of the leaders of the National Consultative Forum to ensure the holding of free and fair elections in a peaceful manner and lead to political stability in the country.”



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