Candidates’ Union demands Farmajo’s immediate departure from Villa Somalia

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Members of the Union of Candidates said they condemned the coup attempt, which they said was carried out by outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo yesterday, and was a national ploy to undermine the Constitutional Institutions and disrupt the elections.

Farmajo yesterday placed troops in the office of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, who he said had been suspended to take over power from the caretaker government, a move that later failed.

“The Union of Candidates strongly condemns the coup attempt by former President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on December 27, 2021” a statement from the candidates’ union said.

The Union of Candidates has demanded the immediate prosecution of former President Farmajo and his accomplices in the coup.

“The council urges Farmajo to vacate Villa Somalia as soon as possible, in order to put an end to the conspiracies he is hatching,” the statement said.

The Union of Candidates also thanked Prime Minister Roble and said he had bravely opposed the ambitions of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

“The council thanks Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble for his courageous stand against the coup and for showing the Somali people that the country is going to the polls and that Farmajo will stand up for what he has done. The Council calls on the National Consultative Assembly to immediately address the concerns of the electoral process and expedite the elections, ”the statement said.

Finally, the union called on the Somali people to defend the constitution and the government, to support the Prime Minister, and to prevent any attempt to undermine the country’s constitutional institutions.

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