Candidates’ Union Opposition issues statement on ‘looting’ of Parliamentary elections

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The Union of Candidates has tonight issued a two-page statement from recent meetings in Mogadishu on what they say is ‘looting of parliamentary elections’.

The Union of Candidates has stated that what is going on cannot be described as an election but a corrupt process that could lead to political unrest, instability and insecurity.

They also stated that the responsibility for the election fraud would be borne by the Heads of the Federal and State Governments.

The statement also said that federal and state leaders would be held accountable for the consequences of the election.

“The Council of Candidates’ Union meeting in Mogadishu on 25-30 / 11/2021 focused on the political situation in the country, in particular the electoral process that is reportedly taking place in the country,” the statement said.

The council issued seven points summarizing the shortcomings of the current election, which are:

1. The omission of the traditional elders who had the right to select the delegates to elect the members of parliament.

2. That no delegates have been selected, registered, trained and verified by the Federal Electoral Commission (FIET).

3. That the (selecting) delegates are made up of civil servants, government soldiers and individuals who are not from the clans.

4. Denial of registration of candidates for the seat, and other eligible candidates, while members who do not meet the registration requirements are registered.

5. Loss of independence, and impartiality of state election commissions, which report directly to the state president, while the federal electoral commission reports to the federal government.

6. That the commissions of the two levels do not take orders from each other.

7- There are no monitoring and direct media coverage to ensure that the competition is transparent.

“Now, if all the requirements for transparency and accountability are eliminated, the forthcoming election has turned into a blatantly looting that could lead to political conflict, instability, and the collapse of the state,” the statement said.

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