Candidates’ Union opposition says it will not accept ‘looted’ parliamentary elections

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The Union of Candidates has said in a statement that it will not accept the looting of the country’s elections, describing some constituencies as “unconstitutional” in accordance with established procedures.

The council confirmed in a statement that there were ongoing meetings to decide what to do next, and announced serious of meetings with Prime Minister Roble, civil society and the international community.

“The Council of Candidates is having meetings in the upcoming days, as well as meetings with Prime Minister Roble, various segments of society and the international community,” the council said in a statement.

The council also said in a statement that the country’s stability was deteriorating, given the widespread looting of the election, and that they would not accept its legitimacy.

“The council reiterates that it will not accept elections in some constituencies that have been marred by rampant looting and trampling on all electoral processes, endangering the stability of the country and the existence of the state,” the union said in a statement.

“The council will continue to convene and work to ensure that the country has a free and fair election and that the country’s destiny and peace-building process are saved,” the statement said.



Union of Candidates take strong stance on the upcoming elections in Somalia

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