Candidates’ Union Proposes Postponement of Elections & call for national Consultations

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The Union of Candidates has called for a postponement of the country’s parliamentary elections and a consultative meeting to stop the “stealing of seats” and resolve concerns.

The Union also called for a consultative meeting to end the looting, they said, and resolve concerns about the conduct of the House of Representatives elections, and to correct the conduct of the elections.

A press statement issued by the council following a meeting in Mogadishu this afternoon also suggested that the election process be corrected by first announcing the list of 135 traditional elders.

In order for this to happen the council has demanded the following:

a) To disseminate the list of 135 traditional elders, and the sub-committee that selects the delegates for each seat.

b) Ensure that the electorate is selected by the traditional elders, and that their names be published and disseminated.

c) Fair Competing for each seat and banning harassment and personal arrests.

d) The presence of Somali and international observers and the independent media at every polling station.

e) Repeat/re-run the election of the ‘looted’ seats and conform to the agreed electoral process.

f) Once the electoral process has been corrected, a unified timetable should be issued stating the start and end dates of the elections.

g) That members of the previous Parliament cannot be re-investigated, while new candidates can be barred from office only for a crime that has been convicted by a Court, and that they are being held on terrorism charges.

h) Candidates running for each seat should have equal access to the delegates, and delegates should not be denied equal access to the candidates.

i) The transfer of seats to other constituencies in Mogadishu.

c) Confirm the quota for women and define how it will be implemented, in order to eliminate the ambiguity in the quota system for targeting a particular candidate.

The statement concluded: “The House of Representatives is ready to participate in the elections if the above conditions are met, but if it is violated and the looting continues, the House of Representatives, in accordance with its national responsibilities, will take the necessary steps.” for national liberation and free and fair elections. 

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