Candidates’ Union rejects National Consultative Council process

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The Council of Candidates’ Union issued a statement on the proceedings of the recent National Consultative Assembly meeting,  which they strongly opposed.

The council said the move by Prime Minister Roble and federal state leaders violated the country’s constitution and the May 27 agreement, and handed all powers directly to state leaders, just as well as the it was with Upper House election process they said.

“The Council of Candidates’ Union strongly rejects the National Consultative Assembly’s approach to the election of members of the House of the People, especially the issues related to traditional elders, the appointment of civil society, the selection, verification, monitoring and registration of delegates, all handed over to government officials. states, ”the statement said.

“The council has for some time thwarted an attempt by the outgoing president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, to loot the country’s elections. It is not possible for the National Consultative Assembly to ignore these actions.”

The statement from the Union of Candidates also stated that the procedure developed by the Consultative Council has an electoral name at the top, but within it is a direct nomination.

“The council warns of the dire consequences of rigged elections, including the international community and the Somali people losing confidence in our elections, and the system of government losing the legitimacy and recognition of the people, intellectuals and politicians who want good governance. ”

Finally, the Union of Candidates Council proposed seven points that it said could be achieved through free and fair elections in the country.

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