UPDATE; Landmine Explosion in Mogadishu targets security official

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A powerful explosion has recently taken place near the KM-4 junction in Mogadishu, near a checkpoint control on the road leading to Aden Adde International Airport.

A roadside bomb targeted a Somali police officer, but he escaped, security sources confirmed to MTV Somali Channel.

A bullet-proof vehicle driven by Mohamed Dahir, a senior Somali police officer, was hit by the blast as it passed near the Afrik Hotel, right next to the KM4 crossroad heading to the Airport.

At least one of the officer’s bodyguards was reportedly injured in the blast.

Mohamed Dahir previously served as commander of the West Station, Wiyow Adde and Hodan district police stations in the Benadir region.

Somali government security forces have not yet released any details about tonight’s bombing in Mogadishu, which targeted the Somali police officer.

The explosions comes after regional state and federal leaders in Somalia had agreed on a election timetable after 7 past talks had collapsed and failed to yield any outcome. 

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo had recently transferred all electoral and security details to Prime Minister Mohamed Hussien Role, who lead the electoral consultative in Mogadishu with the State leaders.


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