October 6, 2022

Carjackings on the rise in Minneapolis

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Vehicles belonging to Somalis living in Minneapolis and other residents have been robbed several times in past recent weeks.

Some of the areas were the car theft took place were done by some armed gangg, taking the car by force.

Minneapolis Police say they are investigating an increase in gangs that have threaten the security of Minneapolis.

Two teenagers were killed and three others were injured in a car accident yesterday, they are said to be members of a gang who rob vehicles of all kinds.

Many residents in Minneapolis say they are worried that they are unable to park their cars for a short period.

“Its frightening that car jacking can happen in broad daylight in America; some even argue that the police should be shut down. Now what will they think?” said local Sadiq Hussein Ali. 

Minneapolis is home to thousands of Somali families who live and work in the city, with sometimes the area being called ‘little Mogadishu’ in reference to the main Somali population.

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