Celebrations to mark June 26th held last night in Mogadishu & countrywide

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Celebrations were held last night in Mogadishu and most of the regions of Somalia to mark the 26th of June.

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, who attended the June 26th Commemoration Ceremony, congratulated the people of Somalia on the 61st Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Northern Regions.

“The anti-colonial and Somali struggle for supremacy was spearheaded by the Northern Regions. The emerging independence movements in those regions led to the independence and unity of Somalia, notably the Darwiish struggle for independence and the role of the SNL. for the liberation of the Northern Regions similar to SYL’s role in the independence of the Southern Regions. ”

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo urged the Somali people to uphold their sovereignty, unity and history, calling on the brothers in the Northern Regions to take the lead in uniting the Somali people.

“Sovereignty is a challenge for those who get it, which requires sustainability and fruitfulness. We must protect it, we must protect it together and in unity. Our ancestors died for our freedom and we must take care of it, preparing for future generations and a better life. ”

During the event, officials, intellectuals, poets and Waberi National Choir delivered speeches on the history of Somalia’s struggle for independence, expressing the values ​​of independence, patriotism and unity.

Fireworks fanfare from the Villa Somalia Statehouse had lit the city with the celebrations however, marred by sporadic celebration gunfire that had erupted at midnight which had resulted to a sleepless night for residents in the capital.

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