Chairman of the Electoral Commission fired

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The Federal Electoral Commission has announced the firing of Mohamed Hassan Irro, the chairman of the commission since its inception.

At a meeting of all members of the Federal Electoral Commission in Mogadishu, it was announced that he had been fired following a motion of no confidence.

The commission accused the former chairman of incompetence and meddling in politics.

The committee’s findings against Chairman Irro were as follows:

1. That the chairman Mohamed Hassan is constantly abusing the election commissions.
2. Not to consult with the board and the rest of the committees.
3 – Losing the independence of the Electoral Commission and violating the rules of the sub-committee and the general election process in the country.
4. He has made decisions that could jeopardize the election without the knowledge and representation of the commission.
5. He caused the chairman to damage the relationship between the committees and the National Consultative Assembly.
6. Poor co-operation between the chairman, the regional administration committees and the dispute resolution committee.

Other members of the commission reportedly opposed the dismissal, calling it a hoax.

This announcement comes only a day after the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble had warned that there are groups who want to delay the elections.


Prime Minister Roble: “There are those who want to delay the election”

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