Chemical tanks dumped in sea resurfacing on the shores of Adale

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Poisoned tanks have washed up on the shores of parts of the Middle Shabelle region, causing widespread fear among residents of the region.

According to local sources from the area who spoke to, the tanks were found around Adale district in Middle Shabelle region.

The tanks were said to be up to 3 large tanks with their mouths sealed, and with residents telling that it could be full of poison.

Residents in the area where the tanks were spotted are in a state of panic, as they fear the tanks could explode at any given moment while noting that they do not have the logistics or tools to protect themselves from any chemical spills.

Somalia’s shores have been littered with toxic waste chemicals by many governments around the world who took full advantage of the collapse of Mohamed Siad Barre’s government and the civil war that had followed.

Somalia’s transitional governments since the collapse have also been accused of signing agreements with foreign governments to dump industrial waste and industrial weapons off the coast of Somalia.

The community in Adale appeal to government and international agencies to take part in the search and seizure of these tanks off the coast of Adale District.

Although not a lot of research has been given, many analysts say that the shores of Somalia are awash of toxic wastes that have been buried deep in seawater with some now only resurfacing off the Somali coastline.

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