Civil Society express concern in recent released election process

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Somali civil society organizations have strongly opposed the recent National Consultative Assembly process, expressing concern that its implementation could lead to armed conflict.

A press release from the civil society organizations also expressed concern over the electoral process in the country.

“We believe that the procedure developed by the National Consultative Assembly has eliminated the role of civil society in ensuring the selection of delegates, and this casts doubt on the possibility of holding credible elections that will lead to political stability in the country,” a statement read.

They also called the Elders, traditional leaders, scholars, intellectuals, women and professional union’s to stand and prevent a electoral system that can create instability, and to ensure that they help the country to hold transparent and credible elections.

“We have long warned that the lack of transparency in the elections could lead to a lack of credible elections in the country, so this new process is unacceptable.”

The civil society in Somalia has been playing a major role in peace building and conflict resolution initiatives throughout the country and providing services since the civil war erupted with the collapse of the central government that followed in 1991. 

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