Coastline Exploration insists Somali oil deal is legal

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Coastline Exploration has rejected a decision by top government officials to oppose an agreement signed by the country’s oil minister in Istanbul, Turkey.

Coastline CEO Richard Anderson in an exclusive interview with Media outlet Galka Barista strongly defended the validity of the agreement signed with Somalia’s Minister of Petroleum and Minerals, Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed.

“I believe the agreement we have signed is valid and fully valid. “My expectation is that I will get permission from the federal government, and then I will pay for the signature and it will work,” he said.

“No one ignored me. Again, I do not want to go into the details of the legal debate, because there are several of them.”

He also said that before signing the agreement, they had consulted with the ministry and the Petroleum Agency, who assured him that the president and the prime minister were aware of the signing of the agreement.

“It is not possible for us to engage in such an activity without such care and without knowing or believing that the task is straightforward. I would like to remind you that under the Petroleum Act we do not have to speak to either the Prime Minister or the President directly, ”said Coastline CEO Richard Anderson.

Richard Anderson reiterated that the country’s top leaders were aware of the deal, according to ministry officials, and that Somalia’s Minister of Petroleum and Minerals, Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, had previously said that Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was fully aware of the deal.

But the offices of outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Role have both officially declared the deal illegal, and have strongly opposed it.

There are also offices outside the presidency and the prime minister’s office that have warned against entering into agreements at this time, as they do not comply with tax and local laws, including the 2013 Financial Management Board Advisory on contracts, and the committee includes the Somali Minister of Finance, members of parliament and a member of the World Bank.

The commission, in a recommendation issued in January last year, recommended that new deals and contracts must await the new government.


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