Complaint against Minister Khadija lodged with PM Roble by ministry staff

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Employees at the Somali Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management have accused Minister Khadija Mohamed Diriye of replacing them with people they described as “delegates who would elect her to the House of Representatives again.”

The staff filed a complaint against Minister Khadija with the offices of the President, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance, the National Civil Service Commission, the Auditor General and the Office of the Attorney General, and the Deputy Minister of Relief and Disaster Management was also notified.

“We respectfully present to you as an employee of the Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management who have worked for four years and dedicated their lives to serve the country and the people of Somalia, often enduring security and economic circumstances. In the line of duty, we have been abused by the Minister of Relief and Disaster Management,” said the letter of complaint to the above-mentioned office.

“The ministry’s staff and recruitment process was initially conducted in accordance with the labor law and the country’s constitution through a transparent process in which images are available on social media,” the statement said.

Minister Khadija has not yet responded to the allegations against her as she prepares to run for the House of Representatives where she has been sitting for 20 years.

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