Military court convicts al-Shabaab businessmen of aiding and abetting bombings

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The Military court of the armed forces has today sentenced business traders accused of smuggling chemicals and explosives into the country.

The sentenced men have been identified as Abdisalam Ali Farah, Qadar Abdisalam Mohamed, Mohamed Abdi Sheikh Omar, Dahir Osman Mohamed, Abdisalam Osman Mohamed and one other fugitive who was sentence as absentee.

The court ruled that the men were convicted of smuggling chemical explosives into the country and then passing them on to Al-Shabab fighters who in return would cause death and destruction to the Somali people living in the capital.

The men are accused by the court’s prosecution team of importing explosives and other materials from the port of Mogadishu starting from 2018 to 2020.

The prosecutor’s office has asked the Court Martial to hand down harsh sentences to the accused, as they have imported dangerous substances to the country and to endanger lives and the environment.

The Chief of the military court said Mohamed Osman Mohamed, the leader of the accused group, will be sentenced to life imprisonment while Abdisalan Ali Farah, Qadar Abdisalam Mohamed, Mohamed Abdi Sheikh Omar and Dahir Osman Mohamed were all sentenced to eight years in prison each.

Abdisalam Osman Mohamed was released by the military court after being cleared of all charges.

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