Details emerge from mortar shelling in Biyo Adde area, Middle Shabelle

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Reports from Biyo Adde town in the middle Shabelle region say that Al-Shabab fighters fired mortar shells at the town last night.

It is not known the exact casualties of the shelling that hit Biyo Adde village in Middle Shabelle region.

 It was yesterday when Al-Shabaab fighters carried out a suicide car bomb attack at Biyo Adde police station, injuring the commander of the 4th Battalion of the 27th Division, Colonel Saney Abdulle and four of his bodyguards.

The government forces have intensified their offensive operations to flush out al-Shabab terrorists in many parts of the country, which has resulted in the terrorists losing more ground and suffering heavy casualties as the security operation entered its fourth week on June 14.

The al-Qaida-allied terror group has lost many areas previously under its control, but the militant group is still capable of staging attacks in Somalia.

Al-Shabaab suicide bombers have been on the rise in Mogadishu in recent months after government forces cracked down on improvised explosive device (IED) vehicles entering the city.

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