Developments: Candidates and regional leaders agree on two points (Read)

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The state leaders of federal states and the Union of Somali Presidential Candidates met in Mogadishu tonight, in a meeting opposing election procedures at National Consultative Assembly meeting which took place recently in the capital.

The meeting was marked by heated debates, with sources close to the meeting saying that Prime Minister Roble and other members of the consultative council were trying to persuade the presidential candidates of the procedure, but were rejected.

After a lengthy debate, the Council of Candidates and state leaders agreed: –

1. That a vetting committee be appointed to review the issues raised in the election process.

2. To continue the meetings in finding solution in addressing the concerns of the presidential candidates contesting that all powers of the election was handed to state officials.

When the two sides failed to reach an agreement, it was agreed to form a vetting committee consisting of 6 members from both sides: –

Union of Presidential Candidates.

1 – Abdirahmaan Abdishakur Warsame
2 – Dahir Mohamud Guelleh
3 – Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan

National Consultative Council (Federal States)

1-  Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qoorqoor) – Galmudug State president
2 – Abdiasiis Laftagareen – South West State President
3 – Said Abdullahi Deni = Puntland State president.

The opposition say that the elections of the upcoming lower house elections has been handed to the state federal leaders with all the powers; just as it was with the upper house process they claim.

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